Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Monday Musings 317 - The cheeky shades of minimalism.

The cheeky shades of minimalism.

Things do lie in the eyes of the beholder, amongst which beauty was an early occupant for sure as Margret Hungerford had let us know long back. Having been warned of the infinite horrors that the eyes of the beholder can carry in them and all that is so often mysteriously beholden, particularly through a decade of extreme domestication which holy matrimony often entails, I can only look back and say “I should have known better !”
So what else... lies in the eyes of the beholder? Intelligence, utility and performance often lie in the eyes of the beholder. The beholder which matters between a boss and a subordinate is often the boss! As a beautiful whatsapp that my team member recently sent says evocatively – “Employee: Sir, what about my promotion? Boss: maine tumhe kabhi us nazar se nahi dekha”.
I think he was trying to give me some kind of message, which despite trying I am not able to decipher. I am also wondering why he did not send it on my personal window but chose to send it on my team group. Whatever be his reasons, I can only say in my defence – meri nazar kamzor hai !😀
Being stuck in Mumbai rains is torture. Being stuck with colleagues can be fun though. Recently we were four of us stuck for a few hours and the discussions ranged from the sublime to the stupid. I took care of the sublime and left the rest for others.
At some stage and it is difficult to remember which exactly, the discussion veered towards minimalism. I highlighted that it’s been two decades I had not been wearing a watch and for the last year of so I sleep on the floor – these two as my qualification for being minimalistic – ignoring of course a dozen or so evidences that puncture the claim. And as soon I had made the claim, pat came a very confident counterclaim from the lone lady in the cab, ‘I think I am also minimalistic’.
Now let me begin my clarifying there is nothing wrong per se in the claim of being minimalistic. However we were not prepared for it when she announced a few micro seconds later – ‘’I have 15 watches’’. The next one hour in the cab was spent in the roller coaster ride of deciphering this peculiar shade of minimalism that she practised. Minimalism acquired maximalist tendencies when it was discovered that the collection of the 15 included a smart watch and a Rado. As i look back at that hour I think she actually believed that she was minimalist and by some strange logic owning 15 watches was consistent with that claim. Logical consistency was definitely a casualty but that is such a small price to pay to be in good company while being stuck in traffic. I discovered that like beauty, even minimalism lies in the eyes of the beholder. Fellow passengers in the cab can take a walk outside!
I have decided never to claim that I have minimalistic tendencies. I have discovered it has strange effects on people.

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