Saturday, January 30, 2016

Monday Musings 252 – This and that!

Monday Musings 252 – This and that!

January has had a languid start. The stock market is not the only thing that cannot decide for itself if it has to go up or down. It swings like a pendulum, euphemistically called being range bound by the pundits, which means it has only a notional freedom of movement. It only feels as if it’s free to move. In the long run I guess such mistaken sense of freedom kills faster than the awareness of absolute bondage. In the latter at least one has the luxury of being resigned to fate. The rise and fall of hope can be very draining and eventually cancerous. I think I dislike pendulums.

A recent meeting with an old classmate in overly noisy crowded and a rather dark pub was freshening – to be able to laugh at stale jokes but enjoy the lack of pretence was a breather. The bulging middle and greying temples and a rather young crowd only made the poster on the wall more poignant, which said ‘’if you think the music is too loud, then you are too old’’.  I was on the brink of thinking that the youngsters had lost the plot if this was their idea of fun. Thankfully within 24 hours watched a play where exactly the same age group youngster wrote and acted an intensely provocative and brilliant play on the gender stereotypes and issues of gender identity – I immediately revised my opinion; I think they have got the plot. Three cheers to them.

A full month away from running in many years and also accompanied with incredible binging brought the meaning of the word sloth alive. The body is such a rascal. We are prisoners to it. Its innate nature is to take it easy. The battle with it is a daily chore that must be fought valiantly, continually but unceremoniously – like brooming the house – or else within a day the dirt starts showing. In my case it’s called girth.  

I am trying to decode the mechanics of ‘intensity’ in human lives. Looks like the fuel that fires intensity has limited shelf life in all its avatars. It’s like uranium – it is a bundle of raw energy but with time it depletes itself of its potency. It does not have to do anything – being itself is good enough for the erosion. However unlike uranium human intensity is also at the mercy of its own mind and the powers of its imagination gone berserk. Sometimes this imagination is hell bent to kill exactly what it wants to protect. Since it cannot preserve, it wants the pleasure of killing it. I think uranium is better than humans.

February should be better.