Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Monday Musings 302 - Serendipity

Monday Musings: Serendipity
I experienced the joys of serendipity recently and how !
I experienced that joy In the middle of a noisy bar when someone I knew more than two decades back very briefly and in dramatic circumstances, to say the least, shrieked with joy to exclaim ‘I know you’. I experienced that joy in realisation that after all we are not shreds roaming in space never to meet again – that it is possible for serendipity to make things happen.
I think serendipity has greater joys than planning and achieving, in setting goals and reaching there, in wanting to reach somewhere and actually reaching there. I am increasingly coming to the conclusion that sometimes the worst that could happen to us actually getting what we wanted – that there is more joy in becoming what we never had planned, in doing what we never thought we would be doing, in walking on paths that we never thought we would tread.
It is magical to find something we were not even searching for only to realise that it is exactly what we always wanted to find – to realise that in associations and memories, rather than objects and possessions lies true meaning. No wonder some places we roamed, some fruits we plucked and savouries we ate, some streets we frequented and some cities we live in always manage to evoke an ache for no reason at all. It all becomes even more joyous when all of this happens as serendipity.
I have rummaged shelves for a book and found a handwritten note instead. I have searched for a file and found a book with a notation instead. Serendipity comes with many faces – and all its faces are joyous. A very distant past is mostly rosier in hindsight, even when it was not as rosy then. The sepia toned dog eared photograph always manages to bring a smile – through toothy faces, chubby cherubic cheeks, through bushy hairs, through ribboned pleats. What we lost is mostly more precious than what we gained. We lost years – irreparably and irreversibly. What can be more tragic than that!
Serendipity brings it all back. A deluge. Details and events do not matter. Actually the details are inconsequential. The associations are more relevant.
We rewind and in rewinding we relive. It is the only way to make believe that we reversed the forward march of life. The illusion of it is the only solace. The illusion gives fuel to deal with the next moment – a hope that the next moment is not permanently lost and that I shall meet this moment many years later in a noisy bar and hear it say – ‘I know you’. ||
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