Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Musings 196 - The Types

Monday Musings 196 - The Types

"When you don’t know which shore you are going - no wind is good wind"

I asked a team of trainers, comrades in my profession the other day, "Why did you become trainers" and most answers were evasive at best and ambiguous at worst. I am sure it is not a crime to not know the 'why' of everything, at least not yet - but I guess the 'why' does serves as an antidote to much of what passes off as occupational hazards. I am sure this question applies to others too. 

There are all kind with respect to their position on this question (" Why do we want to become 'so and so '?). Let me try to profile them, a tad tongue in cheek though. 

The aware: These are those who have asked this question and have got the answer to their satisfaction. They know why they are doing what they are doing. They have found access to the deepest recesses of their mind and will often wax eloquent of their awareness and the resultant halo around their head, often visible only to them. The halo keeps their ego warm but burns others on contact. They are often pompous, presumptuous, and full of themselves and have great propensity for being pain in certain parts of human anatomy, a reference to which qualifies as unparliamentarily. 

The wannabees: These are those who ask themselves such questions but have not got the answer. They keep on asking these questions because it keeps the pretence of their intellectualism alive. Since the thinkers have asked the question and acquired the halo, how could they possibly be left behind? The best recourse to those who have not made the cut in the corporate world is to renounce their bid, publically, and pronounce that such a pursuit was infra dig. English language has an elementary phrase for such situation - 'Grapes are sour'. 

The Doubtful - This one is peculiar in his construct. He knows what is this question but finds asking it an utter waste of time. He is the 'practical' one, who takes to task anyone who even dares to engage him with something as esoteric and hence as wasteful as asking 'why'. He prefers asking questions like 'How' and ideally "for how much" - ideally the other way around. 

The Blissful - By far they have numerical majority, for they don’t know what is this hoopla about a darn question that should never have been asked in the first place. What they don’t know does not hurt them. Why ask a question that has the potential for disturbance, whose very nature is destructive and the very intent diabolic. Happiness is a matter of choice and if a little bit of ignorance helps, and then surely it is worth the effort.  
Go ahead and check which corner you stand!


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