Saturday, March 9, 2013

170 Monday Musings: Motivation and Motivators

170 Monday Musings: Motivation and Motivators
"Motivation and bathing are not permanent - that is why you need them both everyday" - Zig Ziglar

Motivation is a cash cow and every tom, dick, harry, his aunt and her dog are milking it. If the number of books on motivation and number of motivators are any indication, then de-motivation is no longer a problem, its an epidemic. 

Why do so many people need so much motivation so many times? Often folks find absence of something demotivating, but its presence only an entitlement, which stops motivating as soon as it is given or achieved. Parched throats have a solution, parched soul don't! A bad hair day is an anomaly, a foul mood an aberration, but a perpetually demotivated soul is a disease. Go and get yourself treated. Restlessness with the status quo, mundane and ordinary can be the mark of ambition and drive, but too much of it required for its own sake is addiction. 

On the other side are the so called motivators, a tribe that appear to be mutants straight from the Robin Cook laboratory. Overhyped and overemphasised, they are merchants of myths. They propagate falsehoods around their mythical ability to motivate others, if at all such a possibility ever existed. A chorus by the audience can be evidence of strong vocal chords, but extremely tenuous evidence of sustainable motivation. If Mr Ziglar is to be believed, one needs motivation daily, then it appears to me that motivation is more a substance abuse needed daily than a truly life altering experience.

Every truism has an equally compelling counter truism. It is true that we do find some people inspiring, either in their own stories or in the manner in which they tell stories. Getting motivated is an individual choice, the motivator has a very limited, if at all any, role to play in it. One chooses to be motivated for his own reason. So every time i see the ever increasing tribe of motivators and the web of lies they weave, and who knows tommorow by strange twist of fate, i might be one of them, i realise that for every one genuine healer, there are a dozen quacks. Be careful!


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