Friday, January 18, 2013

165 Monday Musings- Whats your burden?

165 Monday Musings- Whats your burden?

Every life has a burden - burden not in the sense that we understand the word in common parlance, that of being heavy, a cross around the neck, a yoke of the soul that is so heavy that it chokes movement, but burden in the sense of a grand purpose of the life's being. 

The artists burden is to express. The painters burden is to bring the canvass alive with his joy and his grief, his memories and his interpretations. The poets and the writers burden is to weave tales with words that binds readers pain with his. The social workers burden is a larger good. The businessman's burden is profit, and wealth creation. The home makers burden is a happy home. The film makers burden is to tell an engaging story. Each one of us has a destined burden - that only we know and that which lies buried beneath denials & procrastination.

At a very fundamental level, the burden gives direction. It gives reason to act, stretch and go to levels that border insanity. But more importantly, it gives meaning to that insanity. The burden does not let you be in peace till it is listened to, attended to and nourished. It demands of you to nurse it. It just won't let you be! Even when all else is taken care of, an unattended burden can make life look burdensome and even when nothing else is working, the burden well tended lets the eternal hope spring. 
Some do not yet know their burden and live like a zombie in a state of hangover where senses are dull, faculties are dim and awareness is poor. You flip pages of a book without a purpose, scanning through lines creating an illusion of reading but never really figuring out the meaning embedded in it. A life without a burden is worthy of sympathy if not pity. 

What is your burden?



  1. I life without burden is a soul without destiny. A mask of artificial victories.

  2. Your burden is your answer to "WHY the hell AM i?"